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Through using a professional web site design, a UK company is taking the first step towards effective search engine optimization.

A web site is not just about looking good. It has to be both search engine friendly as well as browser friendly. It has to attract the client and when they get there, it has to be easy to navigate be able to purchase the product easily.

On the other side of the coin, what you see is not necessarily what the search engines want to see. They are ‘code’ driven. they come along and want to read the code of the website quickly, they want to move from page to page indexing words, key phrases and links (what they technically call ’spidering’) and look for any new content.

If that goes well, then the engines are more likely to come back on a frequent basis and that has a positive effect on your key phrase rankings.

So although website design tends to conjure up images, look, templates…it is much, much more than that.

How important is professional Web Site Design for UK companies?

Aboslutely Vital, especially in today’s competitive online marketplace.

When looking at UK web site design, companies should consider the various types available such as Joomla, CSS, WordPress and OS Commerce and apply the correct type for your particular product or service you are offering.

All offer benefits in their own way but depending upon the market in which you operate, the use of the right one will form the cornerstone of your ongoing business growth.

We offer full web site design facilities for UK companies and all to the latest search engine standards, so very important in today’s highly competitive market place.

If you need to get ahead of your competitors and move up the search engine rankings, you need professional expert web site design as this will undoubtedly form the cornerstone of your SEO development.

Your competition is taking the best part of your online business and if you want to get some of that back, let’s start with an informal friendly chat regarding your specific requirements. Whether you want organic or PPC growth, we offer easy payment terms as well as a payment by results package.

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Your 5 Steps To Success

1 – Site Analysis

Site Evaluation and review with regard to layout, structure, site mapping, Google Analytics, competitor analysis.

2 – Keyphrase Analysis

Arguably the most important step of any SEO work. The optimization of the website for the main and NICHE keyphrases.

3 – On Page Optimization

Constructing page content for your keyphrases. Optimizing pages for the search engines especially Google.

4 – Link Building

Off page optimizing,create inbound links,one way, article submission work. Increase website visibility and AUTHORITY.

5 – Performance

Monitor performance against your competitors and adjust/optimize as necessary to increase inbound TRAFFIC.

Link building and Pay Per Click management campaigns are an integral part of web site promotion for all companies.

If your website does not appear in the first 3 results pages well unfortunately, it’s dead and buried where no-one will find you.

If you want to generate more sales online, contact the SEO Experts today and let us show you what we can do for your company.

Are you a successful UK Web Design Company?

We offer PREMIUM OUTSOURCING SEO SERVICES to UK companies who are looking to fulfil their clients Search Engine Optimization requirements.

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Happy to discuss a working relationship, we offer:

  • Free Site Appraisal
  • Advice in plain English
  • Competition evaluation
  • Flexible, payment plans
  • Results, we do what we say we can do

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