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Pay Per Click UK


Pay Per Click UK

Using marketing techniques such as PPC or Pay Per Click, a UK company can drive instant targeted traffic to it’s website from day one.


Unlike attaining high key phrase positions in the search engine ranking results (SERP’s) through organic growth, Pay Per Click or PPC as it is commonly known, is where you pay Google to be listed as a sponsored site on the relevant results pages. This is unlike conventional SEO techniques which rely on organic growth to attract traffic.


Normally these sponsored listings appear at the top of the page or down the right hand side and when a person clicks on your web site advertisement, you pay Google whatever amount was ‘bid’ by you in your account details. This amount varies depending on the market in which you operate. The more competitive, the more you pay for each click through to your web site.

But please note..there are 2 sides to UK Pay Per Click campaigns


Positive, your listing is instant and your website appears from the moment your account is active. As such, you have an immediate opportunity of bring new customers to your website based on the key phrases you have bid on.


Negative, on the downside, is that these can become very costly campaigns if not managed correctly and that is where we come in as professional pay per click campaign managers. it is not something you undertake if you are inexperienced with Google Adwords as you have to ensure the investment is cost effective and that you do generate additional sales of your companies products.


Pay Per Click techniques are without doubt a powerful marketing tool for UK companies and do indeed, drive targeted traffic to your site instantly…no waiting, no optimizing sites, no linking……this is purely an active ‘day one’ traffic generating tool which has its place in internet marketing and search engine optimization.


We advocate the use of PPC marketing providing it fits in with your product or business sector and it is used in conjunction with search optimization that includes effective web site design.


if you want to discuss the relative merits of Pay Per Click campaigns in relation to your UK business, then just fill out the quick contact form on the page to the right or give me a quick call to the number below and I’ll get back to you without delay.


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